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Sarah had stopped paying attention to the map, or her friends talking, and was focusing hard on the people down the other side of the beach. She barely heard Roland's question, muttering "y, yeah south east..." She couldn't quite make out who they were, nor what they were doing, beyond the fact that three of them seemed to be moving after a fourth who had their arm out.

One of them fell.

She flinched.

And then the echo of a gunshot.

The colour drained from Sarah's face as she looked on, it wasn't... they couldn't.


She had to do something, anything to make it stop.

With no time for thinking she jumped up, bumping into Brendan as she did. She folded the map as quickly as she could as she ran to grab the duffel bag, turning on her heel as she lifted it and threw the strap across her shoulder. Her other stuff was only going to slow her down, and in the very back of her mind she knew one of the people she was now running past would get it for her.

She stumbled through the sand for a few more meters before she got to the water's edge, where the softly lapping waves had firmed the ground; sprinting faster than she ever had on the football field.

((Continued in D-Day))
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