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Little Boy
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((Roland Harte continues from Mirror Mirror))

It was only a short jog from the Mirror Maze to the Fun Fair, but even still, Roland couldn't help but feel the fear rising up in his chest. The possibility of being gunned down suddenly and unexpectedly by one of his former classmates lurked around every broken down stall and attraction. He could feel sweat drip down his brow as he lead Isabel and Dave through the Carnival Grounds.

This place..., too many vantage points, too many angles. Do they even know how to use the guns they've got? Would someone have actually succumbed, this early in the game? Stupid question, remember Meredith? Would Isabel and Dave be able to learn quick enough? Too many fucking questions, I can't work my team if I don't know them...

Roland was jolted from his thoughts by a sudden shout nearby. He gritted his teeth and scurried over, crouching behind a nearby stand. His hand instinctively went to his side and gripped around the handle of his sword. On the way over, Roland had managed to make a temporary Sheath for the weapon, jabbing a hole through his jeans and sliding the wavy sword through. It was crude, but it hadn't fallen out. The added bonus of having his weapon close by, but not on hand, could help prevent further misinterpretations of his intentions- in theory.

I really need to figure out exactly what the fuck to call this thing... Heheh. Charlene. This is my rifle, this is my gun...

More shouts confirmed Roland's fear, people. More than one, and by the sound of it, an altercation. He motioned towards Dave and Isabel who had been following behind him to stay low and keep quiet.

Stupid Roland stupid! You were so lost in thought you could have walked right into them if they didn't scream! This isn't the time for those mistakes.. Clear and decisive Roland. Assess the situation and stick to your plan.

Roland peaked out from behind his makeshift cover.

Alright, by the looks of things, I don't have a clear line of sight. Doesn't necessarily mean the same for them... but I'm not going to figure out anything here.

With that, keeping low to the ground, Roland came out from behind cover and advanced down the street, his left hand gripping "Charlene's" handle. Making his way to a more opportune location, Roland peaked his head up just enough to make a rough assessment of the situation.

4 of them. 3 girls, and a guy. One seems to have a hostage... fuck, really?

He peaked up again for a second look and ducked back down, motioning for the others to move up with him, silently.

Shit, more familiar faces... Kyle Portman. Dating that, party-whore-thing Hayley. Math Class together... Know some type of hand to hand. Armed more likely than not... yes, yes that's a knife. He's got a fucking knife. Armed and dangerous.

Kitty, Kitty something. Weird piercings, weirder hair. What's with everyone in this school and fucked up hair?She was in the journalism club... I think. Or, something like that. She has some phobia or something like that. Artsy and all that other bullshit... Carrying something. A grenade? Assume it's a grenade, assume she knows how to use it... fucking God, knives vs grenades. She looks like she's on the up and up at least...

Fucking Gracie Wainwright. Antagonist by the looks of things... She's got her by the hair, whoever that last one is... Shit, not more Meredith look-alikes... Well, she wouldn't be useful at all whoever she is. Still.., by the look of things, she's in some trouble. Should you help her..? Is there any question? This is cut and dry Roland, you're a marine, you're the good guy. Gracie is evidently hostile. Kyle and Kitty, might be together, might not. Assume hostile. You've gotta at least make sure you can get that girl out of there, whoever she is.

Roland looked back and began to wave at his companions to hurry up. There wasn't much time to waste, if Gracie was armed then this could get even more risky than it already was.

What's with me and emo dykes today? Are they like, drawn to me for some reason?
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