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Garry smiled, glad that Cyrille wasn't going to argue or complain about the current course of action. 'Last thing we want is an argument breaking the pack up,' he thought.

"Let's go then," Miranda said, starting to walk behind Saul. She peered down to the ground and saw another branch lying on the dirt. She bent down to pick it up and grimaced; the bark felt damp and it had a few insects crawling over it. Shaking the branch to rid it of the pests, she kept hold of it with the intention of using it as a rudimentary club if or when the time arose.

"Guys, I'll take up the rear and keep an eye out for anyone trying to sneak up on us from behind," Garry announced, walking behind the other three with the ji held in a defensive position and scanning all around him for possible attackers. Seeing none, he smiled weakly and followed the three others towards their next port of call.

((Garry Villette and Miranda Merchant continued in Extinguishing the Light of the Future))
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