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((Rein Bumgarner continued from You're Gonna Go Far, Kid))

The young German had walked quite a distance in a short period of time. The boy had gain a unnatural amount of energy from the thought of his friend Gary being in danger. It had become his mission to find his friend, protect him and get him home. He had to make sure that Gary would be able to see his family again. To be able to see Elaine. The thought of her always brought mix emotions to Rein. Sadness for never going to be able to see her ever again. Joy and relief knowing she wasn't in danger. Fear for the fact Elaine was probably watching him and knowing he was a dead man walking. All of these emotions put together was enough to motivated Rein to find Gary, and help everyone he could find. He had to make sure Elaine would be proud of him.

Of course there was one huge flaw in his whole plan; he had no idea where he was. Nor had he realized he had a map which he could of used. Instead the boy just marched from the apocalyptic woods into a random direction, while hoping he would find someone or something. Both of these were answered but neither were what he had expected. First he had left behind the felled forest for what seem a large layer of rocks which obscure his vision of the beach and the two girls on it. Rein of course simply marched on; he was determine to keep moving forward no matter what.

After crossing the rocky barrier he took a moment to look at the sight before him which was of course the ocean. It gave him a feeling of loneliness for some odd reason. As if he was separated from the rest of the world. Which was funny considering he was probably being watch by millions of viewers. He would of debated on the subject if it wasn't for the fact he noticed two girls on the beach. He also notice one had a gun. Said person was also giving her hand to help the other girl, and it seem like she was trying to help. Good that meant she was less likely to put a bullet through his chest. The gesture also made him think of when he had tried helping the girl back at the felled forest. He wonder in the end if she had chased after him or not. He had never bothered stopping to look behind to see if she had followed, and he didn't bother looking behind now either. Instead he focused on the two girls in front of him. Taking a deep breath he started walking towards the pair.

"Hey! Are you tvo alright? To you need any help? Ton't vorry I ton't have a weapon! My name is Rein Bumgarner!" He shouted to the two girls.
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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