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"Neider hafe I" Rein responded to Rose.

As for Garret's question, Rein wasn't so sure if was such a great idea. As always he had felt that the group was too hostile to one and other. Everyone here except himself seem to trust themselves more and each and other less. He could just see them turning on one and other. Honestly Rein didn't want to be in that kind of scenario. Nor would he want to put anyone he trusted with these kind of people. So he had to make a choice now. Stay in a alliance that was thinner than a string of hair or leave to find Gary by himself. It seem obvious at this point.

"Actually I'll be going off on my ovn vay Garret. Sorry to say but I also hafe my priorities and honestly staying vid you and miss Rose might make dings more harter dan dey shoult be. So gootbye for now and de best of luck." Rein responded to Garret's question. He then headed off in a random direction away from the duo. Of course he felt kinda guilty of leaving the scared girl behind with the two. He turned around for a brief moment to look at her. "Oh if you like you can tag along vid me or stay vid dose tvo. Your choice." He announced and then continued on his way.

((Rein Bumgarner continued to Under The Sea Is Where No One Wants To Be))
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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