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Sarah was silent, not that Roland blamed her. There's not much that could be said at this point. Apparently Dutchy didn't agree, though, because he whispered to Roland in that one other language he knew. Hearing this, like other times he heard foreign languages, made Roland feel a bit guilty that he never made the effort to learn a second one, being a member of the world's most proudly unilingual country and all. Although Scandinavian would've been a very low-priority pick if not for his friendship with Dutchy.

Meanwhile, Brendan was passed a gun from that other guy whose name Roland didn't know. Was the kid a jock? He didn't really remember seeing him anywhere. Judging by the way the others acted, he'd butted into the group rather unceremoniously and without much regard for manners. Probably wise for him not to pay too much attention to him, either. Lily wouldn't be so dismissive, but then Lily wasn't here, was she?

She needed to be here. He needed to know that she hadn't gotten into any trouble. That went for all the other activists and maybe the debate club members, too. Hell, if he were looking for some of them, he might as well look for them all.

When Brendan suggested the same thing, he nodded. "My thoughts exactly, man. We're not gonna do anyone any good standing here. It'd be for the best if we went to look for our friends."

He moved next to Sarah, looking over her shoulder at her map. "Christ, this is a big island," he said, looking at the relatively tiny buildings on it. "We should probably head for some of the man-made locations if we want to find people. I'm better that others have had the same idea."

Standing back up, he reached for his daypack again and hefted the strap on it over his shoulder. "Dutchy's right. We are the good guys. And we're not the only ones. It's not just members of the activist club, either." Again his thoughts turned to Lily, who might have been the best one of all, if his fondness for her wasn't making him exaggerate, which was likely. "I know that you want to limit our scope to other activists, Brendan, but I'd like it if we tried to meet with some other groups out there. I know they've formed, they always form, and most of them are trying to help each other out. We might be able to compare notes and shit. Whereas if we just keep to ourselves... only one of us is going to live. Best case scenario."

He gave Dutchy a smile, then looked back at Sarah. "How's it looking there? You got our location yet?"
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