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Irritated. Nah, fuck irritated. Pissed off, that was the name of Garrett's game. Fuck if that was anything unusual- Garrett had a notoriously short fuse, particularly when he wasn't with his 'space monkeys' and especially when people weren't listening to him. And wasn't it just his luck that, when faced with a fucking battle to the death on a deserted island, he not only ends up NOWHERE NEAR his space monkeys but instead ends up by a bunch of obvious idiots? As evidenced by mister I'm-not-gay-I'm-European giving the fucking pussy-ass bitch his knife. What the fuck? Stupid fucking move. She could go right ahead and shank him. That's what she SHOULD do. But she's not going to because she's a fucking idiot just like the rest of these losers.

And what about the other girl? Facepalming? Daring to facepalm Garrett fucking Hunter? He'd go ahead and smack her, but there was that whole girl-with-a-gun thing to worry about. Fucking hell. Garrett was NOT used to being out-powered. Especially not by a girl. ESPECIALLY NOT BY A GIRL. He was beating himself up mentally for letting this even happen. Not that he could do anything to stop it but fuck, Garrett, you'll get your chance soon enough. You don't even want the gun. Guns are for pussies. Like this bitch.

Don't worry about it, man. You know you're better than them.

"Hey, any of you seen Joe Rios lately? It's a long shot, but I figure one of you might've,"

Garrett didn't roll his eyes, but considering his tone of voice and his facial expression, he really might as well have.

"I don't know about the rest of you but I woke up about five minutes ago. So no, I haven't fucking seen anyone except you three. Which is why I'm saying we should try to get out of here together."

Because right now, I don't have any other options. Believe me. I'd rather do ANYTHING else.
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