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Rose sighed and palmed her face. She had ended up with three of the weirdest fucking people humanly possible. The ABBA wannabe was giving his knife to The Incredible Shrinking Woman over there, and Garrett was still being a sociopath as usual.

Oh well, time to get this over with as quickly as possible.

"Hey, any of you seen Joe Rios lately? It's a long shot, but I figure one of you might've," Rose asked the group.

Rose had a simple relationship with Joe. They were definitely close friends; in fact, she was one of his only real friends, period, end of discussion. She had even started to see the faintest inkling of romantic feelings coming from Joe shortly before all this happened; in spite of recent events making all that impractical at best and fatal at worst, this wasn't an entirely unwelcome development, and whatever the case he was probably on the lookout for her at this very instant.

It sure as hell feels good to have an ally on this slice of Hell. Even if I will have to choose between killing him and dying by his hand eventually (and that's the best case scenario), it's still comforting. Rose waxed philosophical in her head about her current lot.
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One day, the fabled Ragnarok will come, and as the gods descend to earth and wage war while the world dies around them, WickedIcon will lead the charge, a 12-gauge shotgun in his right hand, and a bottle of Jack Daniels in his left as he rides a steed made of fire and pain.

And the masses will look upon him and weep at the beauty of it all.

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