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Nik listened to the replies to his greeting. The girls seemed a bit shaken up over Warren's death but on the whole they were okay. This came as a relief to Nik. Though it was always his first instinct to help those in need, this was a completely different situation. This was murder conducted by the people they knew best. If there were more Omar Burton's out there, they were in trouble.

"I'm doing fine, and yeah, lucky draw I guess." Nik said in reply to the comment about his gun.

Next thing he knew Fiona was stomping the ground in utter frustration. Nik quickly stepped over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders so that she was looking him in the face.

"Listen to me," He said quietly, "Not everyone here is going to be like Omar. We can prove that there are good people here. We can find Evelyn and Staffan and all of our friends. We can make sure that they don't have to die. I don't know how, but we'll find a way damn it."

Nik tried his best to give a look of strength for Fiona and for the other girls around him. It wasn't something macho or arrogant, but he was a natural leader. He wanted to be the pillar, he wanted to help.

"Okay girls," He said as he released Fiona and turned back to the group, "First things first. Did Omar say where he was going? Did he say anything about anyone that we may be able to help, because that is what I intend to do. There are people that I care about, people that I love stuck in this, this, hell hole. I'm sure you can say the same thing. We need to help them. We are decently armed for a small group so we will have intimidation on our side. What do you say?"

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