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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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Jasper-Declan was...



Is. Being. Is existing. Is in existence. Perhaps. What proof do I have?

The water...it sparkles. The light sparkles. It's extraordinarily beautiful. It feels so...so peaceful, at this moment. Perhaps an odd thought to have with a gun sitting by my feet. But...what is this game, anyway? What is its purpose? Why are we we being required to kill...? Is there any reason for a human life to end so soon? So young? What is this gun for? To end life? Why? Why...why indeed. Why does the sun shine on the water? Why do the birds keep singing? What birds? Cormorants? I'm unsure. What birds live on this island, I wonder. Birds can go anywhere...I do wish I had the same ability. Perhaps I could go home...I do wonder what Honoria and Rory are doing. This is a television program, is it not? Are they watching? Can they watch?

Do they want to see me like this?

Like what? What am I doing? I am sitting. Alone. With a gun. A gun. What is this gun for?




How did we end up here? Why us? An intriguing question...random selection? Why not? Could it have been anyone? Not us? Someone else? Would I wish this on others? I'm unsure...Who else is out here? Friends. I have friends. Here. Alex, Alex is here. Who else. Names, faces, I know. Alex, where's Alex? Alex is alive. Alex must be alive. Friends? Friends, I have friends. Alex. What do I do, here, alone? The water is truly breathtaking. Perhaps I will remain here a while longer...where are the others? Why am I alone? Others. They must be out there. What are they doing? Killing? Do they have guns? Why do I have a gun? What is this gun for?

Staring into space.



Where am I? Minnesota? America? ...Somewhere else? How long was I asleep? I have no way of knowing...I'll never know, I suppose. I have no watch. My phone is gone. What time is it? What day? I don't know. I'm not hungry or thirsty. It cannot have been too long...do my parents know where I am? What are they thinking? Do they know that they're unlikely to see me again? Do they know what I have to do? Do they forgive me? Will they forgive me? I wonder. I will never know. Footsteps. This gun is so...small. Can it kill? Who knows? Will I try? ...I am unsure. Footsteps. What else is in this place? There is a beach. What else? Anything else? Presumably. Where else can I go? What else can I do? Footsteps.



Jasper-Declan was forced from his internal dialogue with himself by the sound of footsteps on the sand. He'd been expecting them on some level- he did see the figures on the beach in that direction a while ago, after all- and so he watched their approach with unblinking eyes. Two boys were approaching- one tall, one shorter, both with curly, blonde or blonde-ish hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. He took this all in quickly- besides the movement of his head, he did not move at all.

He blinked. Once.


The gun sat in front of him, glittering in the light.

He did not touch it.
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