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Steven took a step back as the jock in front of him slipped into a brief fit of rage, tossing the manual for his handgun in Steven's direction. Adrenaline still in his veins, Steven was able to catch it as it was fluttering in his direction. It appeared that he was armed with a Smith and Wesson Sigma 40P. Smith and Wesson weren't particularly known for the quality of their semi-automatic pistols, moreso their revolvers thanks to Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry. Still, having a vested interest in firearms since he was a preteen, Steven had a decent base of knowledge in the subject. It always came as somewhat of a shock to him that a lot of people still had very little clue how guns worked, and he was still even more astonished of the amount of people who were actually able to effectively use firearms on the island.

Looking down at the manual, then at the boy in front of him, Steven smiled. It would seem that he was more or less the perfect person to find to help learn how to use the gun. Living in the United States of America did have it's upsides - the lax gun laws compared to Canada meant that Steven had quite a bit more fun at shooting ranges than he did back home. He'd shot Glock handguns, a Colt M1911, a Beretta M9, a Desert Eagle, and a few revolvers. The guys at the range basically picked out most of the guns that people would see in television, movies, or on the belts of police officers - so they'd be more inclined to want to shoot them.

Although as much as Steven would be able to help him use the gun, he wasn't sure he wanted to. As of right now the boy in front of him was basically unarmed - he didn't seem to know how to load or cock it, so that was one less student on the island with a firearm and a survival instinct. At the same time, doing this guy a favor would mean one more friend on the island. A large, imposing friend with a gun. The thought also crossed his mind, although it bothered him to think this way, that with this jock beside him he wouldn't appear to be much of a threat and much less a target.

Before he could even attempt to help, Steven had to calm this other guy down. Find some sort of common ground. He'd never really fit in with the athletic crowd, and in fact had probably made enemies out of quite a few of them. Still, this wasn't high school anymore. Generally in life threatening situations people tend to band together significantly more. Steven took a quick glance in the manual to make sure nothing was particularly out of the ordinary about the operation of the gun - anything that might throw him off. From what he could tell it was basically a Glock clone. Glock pistols essentially were all extremely similar in design and were used by most police forces simply because they were reliable and easy to use. On the basis that it was a gun he'd practically used before, Steven felt very confident explaining it's use.

"Hey.... man, I think..."

Steven cleared his throat and spoke up, breaking the silence left by the other boy's bout of anger.

"I think I can show you how to use it. I've been to a bunch of shooting ranges, and I know a lot about guns; and honestly, it's really not that tricky once you get used to it."

He closed the manual and slid it into his jacket pocket for the time being.

"...and as much as you think that nobody's going to help you; you're a human being. Your life has value whether you realize it or not. You and I are in the same crazy situation and as someone who considers themselves a decent human being I couldn't live with myself if I just fucked off into the wilderness and left everyone else to die. What I'm saying is - if you want me to, I'll stick around. If not, we'll go our separate ways and hope we don't run into each other in worse circumstances. "

It was only a slight hope that the other boy would actually take him up on his offer, but it was one Steven held onto.

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