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Rosa's ears pricked up as a sound reached them. Somebody was working the handle of a door, slowly though, making it obvious that the intruder wasn't looking to just burst into the room. On the one hand, at least the girl wasn't coming in all gung ho, guns blazing. On the other... well, Rosa would really have preferred if that door had remained comfortably shut.

There was a long silence after that little sound, Rosa strained to detect any further noises but she couldn't make out a thing. No footsteps, no metallic sounds that might have indicated a gun being prepared to fired. Nothing. It was quiet as a morgue.

Okay wow nice fucking imagery there. Real positive, Rosa.

At long last, the voice again, this time not quite as muffled. The door had definitely been opened. Rosa couldn't tell whether they were in the main room itself or had stuck in the office, but the girl was definitely more distinct now. Rosa knew the voice, she was sure she did, but... not enough to place. Dammit. Apparently they wanted to make best friends and go skipping off into the sunset surrounding by rainbows and a chorus of puppies.

Well not exactly, but that was the thrust of things, something which Rosa wasn't particularly inclined to believe. More likely, this chick wanted to make sure that Rosa herself wasn't going to start shooting the second she stepped through the door... so that she could start shooting at Rosa. Paranoid? Maybe it was, but if there was ever a time and a place to be neurotic, it was here.

All the same, Rosa mulled over what the other girl was saying, but pitched it in how relative it was to her. The intruder was obviously still inside of the office, so she couldn't have too good an idea where Rosa was right now... speaking risked revealing her position, but it depended on whether the other girl was looking... and how much she said. Much as the cynic in her wanted to avoid any danger, this clearly wasn't going to work.

Can't camp out behind here forever... best to take advantage of the offer whilst it's on the table.

"Okay, I'll bite.. Unload the gun. Toss it into the middle of the room. Then we'll talk."

Rosa kinda wished, at that moment, she knew how to throw her voice.
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