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Thea watched James bite his lip and wondered what he was suddenly so nervous about. It was only a tree. She glanced up at Winnie, who was still clinging to the branch and then back to James, in time to catch his glance over to her. She offered him a bright smile and blew him a kiss.

Thea watched approvingly as Ricky give James a boost and James stretched to help Winnie. She moved closer to the base of the tree, in case they needed some direction.

“Hey Ricky, glad to see you’re okay,” Thea said her eyes on the tree. The tip of the sword swinging wildly caught her attention and she jumped away from the falling sword, flinging herself to the ground. She looked around to see where the sword had landed and picked herself up dusting herself off and Winnie whined up in the tree. This was ridiculous why was she stuck up in the tree anyway, it wasn’t even very high. Just look, look at this skirt. As if it wasn’t bad enough I only have this, now there are stains on it. Thea huffed a sigh and worked on brushing as much of the dirt and debris off her skirt as possible.


She’s head shot up as the scream pierced the air. What now? I thought the girls on the team were drama. This is getting like over the top. Thea watched, growing more annoyed, as Winnie wrapped herself around HER boyfriend. Seriously, what the hell is she doing up there, Thea wondered. She sat looking up at the new situation with her hand on her hip.

“Okay, come down now,” she said not bothering to cover the annoyance in her tone.
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