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Cyrille was slightly surprise that Garry responded in French. For some reason it made her feel safer with Garry. Of course the weapon did help.

Returning her mind to the current situation she noticed her idea was shot down. She understood of course but she still found it crazy to go towards the area where everyone would head to. All it takes is for one person armed with a gun and intentions to kill to walk in and shoot all of them. Then again it’s not like they seem ready to change their minds.

”Yeah I’m fine with it Gar. We're a team now and we need to work together. I don’t see how arguing will get us anywhere.”

At this point she looked at Saul and stood ready to follow their new guide. ”Lead the way.” She announced. As soon as Saul takes off she would be right behind him.

((Cyrille LaBlanche continued Extinguishing The Light Of The Future))
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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