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"De rien," Garry responded in French to Cyrille. 'I just hope we find Violetta soon,' he thought. 'The longer we take, the more likely it is she's... yeah, it's really not worth thinking about.'

Then to Miranda's mild disappointment, Cyrille stated that taking shelter in a building was a bad idea. Both Garry and Miranda then listened intently to Cyrille's explanation, the swimmer feeling fairly miffed at having her notion shot down and replaced with one that, in her opinion, was nowhere near as safe as hers. 'Taking shelter in a cave? Nuh-uh, I do not do caves,' Miranda thought. She was about to argue back with Cyrille, but Saul spoke up first, agreeing with her earlier idea and putting forwards a fairly good case defending it.

"I would have to agree with Saul," Garry piped up once Saul was finished. "I know I'm into werewolves and all that jazz, but seriously, I want to stay away from the caves. You wouldn't know who or what's ahead of you until it's too late, or you could get trapped from the outside and cornered. And then BAM! You're werewolf food. Okay, maybe not werewolf food exactly, but you still catch my drift."

"Yes, Wolfy, we get the idea," Miranda said, rolling her eyes then turned to look at Saul. "Yeah, the ranger station sounds good enough to me," she said. "I just don't want to go into a cave, they just... creep me out a little."

'Wolfy... seriously?' Garry thought, glancing round to Miranda but deciding not to pursue her comment further. "It sounds like a good plan to me as well," he replied, nodding his head in Saul's direction. "Is that all okay with you, Cyrille?" he asked her, bracing himself for any negative response she would give him.
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