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Gary didn't know whether he disliked more the presence of a wrestler around, or someone who can speak like Danya in one moment and make theatrics like that. There was one thing he was sure of, he didn't trust none of them. Still, Trevor looked like a safer bet, as he already proved he is not in a mood to kill at least for now.

And so, Gary only silently nodded in agreement to his plan about the... Hey wait a minute...

Gary pondered for a while. How the hell Trevor knows that the other guy's name is Simon and he's a wrestler? He didn't introduce himself. Voice only? We are in the warehouse, with this echo it should be nigh impossible.

Gary bit his lower lip, tightened the grip on his nightstick, and awaited silently for the next movement of either Trevor or the other guy, prepared for even the wildest scenarios like Trevor and 'Simon' working together and preparing a trap for him.
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