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Max wasn't really sure what happened next, as Peter and the girl were completely silent. He could sense the slight movement though. Whatever that was, it probably wasn't Maxwell's business, as long as Peter didn't attempt to choke the girl or something.

Finally, the girl spoke and introduced herself as Kaitlin. She sounded unbearably optimistic about running away from this hellhole, Max was sure it wouldn't be nowhere as easy as it would sound from Kaitlin's words, but... Still a better thing to do rather than pointing his pistol and pulling the trigger at every moving object around and hope he'll be the last man standing.

Since both Peter and Kaitlin apparently finished their conversation and wanted to find a way out of here, Max decided, nay, was forced to expose his presence or else it would lead to unnecessary tense situation if they would stumble upon him while searching for exit.

"Uhm..." He looked for the right words to start the conversation while still being behind the corner. "If you're searching for more people looking to get away from this rock, then you have already found one." He turned on and off the flashlight in his left hand to let both Peter and Kaitlin pinpoint Max's location, and finally, still with a pistol in one hand, he moved away from the corner and appeared before the pair.

"My name is Max. Maxwell Crowe. I got lost in those tunnels before hearing your voices. Sorry for eavesdropping you. I needed to know beforehand if none of you is a player."

As he spoke, he noticed that he still held his gun tightly in his right hand, and it of course drew the attention.

"Oh, and about this..." He raised his right hand, pointed the gun upward and put away his fingers from the trigger as far as possible. "I guess, I was the lucky one to draw a gun. I don't plan to use this anytime soon... But it's better to have one rather than not..."
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