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As Erik started explaining things, Mike began to read the survival guide.

Weapons, exploding collars, danger zones, morning announcement. As much as he still tried denying the truth in his mind, all things he saw here screamed 'This shit is real, deal with it.'

Only one will survive... Is... Is it even possible for me to... No, I couldn't... But how otherwise...?

Mike's head became one giant mess, as suddenly all his thoughts about people from outside - about his mother, sister, uncle, Mike's friends... Pauline - crashed inside his skull. Will he ever see them again? He traveled to America to rest from all of them, but he definitely didn't want to rest from them indefinitely.

As Erik started looking for something in the distance, Mike attempted to calm down his thoughts, but only thing which happened, were words leaving his mouth without Mike ordering them to -

I... I just want to go home..."

"There's someone over there." Said Erik suddenly. "You think we should...I mean...check it out?"

Not sure if the boy heard him, Mike looked in the direction Erik pointed in the distance. Yep, definitely some human shape. Thankfully, that presence of yet another human being helped Mike tightening him up, or rather letting him think about something else, at least for a while.

"Yeah... Let's check it. We should be careful though, I guess..."
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