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So Clio finally got her bearings: there was her, the silent tennis player, a crying little girl, who, by the looks of it had just wet herself and passed out on the sand, making Clio scowl in disgust, and...a guy with an EXTREMELY annoying voice.

First thing was first though.

"No... I'm NOT playing the game. I just want to stay here, and be left. ALONE!"

"Okay then. You're not playing? Well, first thing's first".

Before she could continue, the boy, who's name she could not remember for the life of her, started to ramble on. Before her eyes, he went in, scooped the girl up and tried to carry her.

Clio looked at him lopsidedly, as though he was incredibly stupid?

If I have to put up with him for the duration of me pretending like I'm not going to blow their head off at any given moment...

"Are you an IDIOT or something? I-HAVE-A-GUN-POIN-TED-AT-YOUR-HEAD! YOU are not going anywhere! And neither is little miss PRESCHOOL GIRL there!" Clio insisted upon keeping her hosts entertained.

Clio readjusted her aim, with Ivan in her sights. Oh, this would be good! He wanted her to go! That probably meant he would do anything to get rid of her!

"Okay, you, Ivan, drop the umbrella, and I'll...wait, I'm the girl with the gun, so I decided I'm giving out conditions with nothing in it for you. You'll be lucky to say tommorow that nobody killed you today. Second, you, annoying guy who's name I can't remember at the moment..."

Clio took a quick glance at the guy, girl around her shoulders and about to get a little less brainy if she thought it wise.

"You, and her, are going to stay put until I figure out what to do with you lot."

A smile flickered ever so briefly across her face.

"Because though you aren't playing....I am. Be nice to me and I might just not kill you."

Clio did not like the fact she was making demands she couldn't follow up on. Not wouldn't, but physically couldn't. If this ended well it would be a miracle.

Well, if it ended well for her, anyway.
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