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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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Oh, this was going to hell faster then he could react. Now that he was out here on the beach, this was starting to seem less and less like a lucky break. First Penguin over there was acting with a little more hostility then was probably reasonable. Of course, there was the fact, he was also standing over Tabi and she seemed to be less then 100%. Etain let his hand drop to his side as he looked the boy over. While he was a little shorter then Etain, the boy still looked like he could easily take him in a fight and that was enough to keep Etain out of swinging range. Still, it didn't look like he hurt Tabi, so maybe he didn't mean any harm. Either way, it would be best for everyone if Etain didn't stand around for longer then he had to. Grab Tabi and go, that was all. Judging by her state of mind, a friendly face would do her a world of good.

Of course, having a gun pointed at you had a way of reorganizing your goals. All eyes went to the girl with the gun, everyone except Tabi's of course. Etain's eyes narrowed as she approached, calling out her shaky and stuttering questions. There was something about her he didn't like. Of course, that was more about the was gun pointed at them. After all, they were all clearly unarmed outside an umbrella and Etain already went over how low the chances that it was secretly a gun were. Maybe she thought the girl passed out on the ground was part of some type of trap meant to lure in unwary students? It didn't matter, not really. Friendly or ulterior motives withstanding, Etain only wanted to see one person and the girl wasn't quite her.

"Ah, game, was it? I dinnae really tink this qualifies as ah game. Wit th killin' an' all, ya know? Not any game Ah know of, 'nyhow." Etain took one step toward Tabi before Mr. Penguin turned the umbrella toward him in turn. It occurred to Etain then that he couldn't be sure of the possibility that it wasn't a gun. Certainly not in this game. It also occurred to him that focusing on the imaginary threat of an umbrella gun wasn't as bright as focusing on the very real gun the girl held, and presently was pointing a them. "Now now, no need ta point tha' at me. Oi'll be mor'n happy to grab me friend there and leave ya to yer own devoices." Etain nodded at the woman standing away from the group with a tilt of his head. "O course, tha's assumin' she don' shoot us."

Taking another step, Etain gently guided the tip of the umbrella away from him and...somewhere else. As long as it wasn't staring him down, he didn't care. If he were on the other end, he'd have it pointed at the obvious threat. Of course, were it him, he'd try to find something that wasn't useless like an umbrella. "Like Oi said, Ah'll be takin' me friend and leavin' ya be, no need ta jab tha' ting at me." As quickly as was possible without hurting her, Etain knelt down and wound his arm around her shoulders before lifting her to her feet, while speaking as soothingly as possible in the event she was till jumpy. "Yer alrigh' Tabi, yer alrigh'. It's me, Etain, Oi'll get ya outta here."

Once they were both standing, he began to edge away from the other two. "Now, If'n ya dinnea moind, we'll jus' be headin' off. No need ta follow or notin, just, we'll go our own way, aye?"
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