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His eyes were closed when he finished his little speech about trying to go home. He really did have every intention of getting off the island without killing anyone; and not by himself either. He just had absolutely no idea how he was going to accomplish that. He wanted nothing more than to make it home... See his mom again, no matter how much he was normally at odds with the woman... His lower lip sucked in as he tried to hold back the tears. The girl in front of him needed to see him at his strongest. Not his weakest. If there was to be any hope of escape, whether or not it were possible, he needed to be strong. And it almost appeared to be a battle he could win.

Until he felt a warm, soft pair of arms drape around him. A body press against his own frail form. He took a sharp, pained breath, his lungs filling with the dank tunnel air; his cheeks begin to turn a bright scarlet. A choked sob escaped his tightening throat as he finally lost that composure he was clinging oh so tightly to. And instead, he clung to something different. Something a little more real, something that some on the island would actually call worth clinging to. His arms wrapped themselves around her waist, interlocking over each other behind her back. Tears began to roll down his cheeks in earnest, and his head fell to her shoulder. And he wept. He wept for his parents, and what they must be going through. He wept for his friends, for his teachers. He wept for those who had passed in the previous versions of the game, and he even wept for Adam Dodd and Bryan Calvert; even though he didn't know who they were. Pure, raw emotion flowed from his visage as he sobbed. The absolute last person to cross his mind was himself. The fact that he might die on this rock, the fact he would feel pain beyond belief. And it felt like the tears would never end.

Fortunately for her though, they finally did. He looked up, his own eyes locking with her soft visage.

"Peter, I'm Kaitlin Anderheim. Thank you... thank you so much. For being so kind. And yes, lets be friends. You'll be my first friend in the school, actually."

He reluctantly let his arms part, watching her step back. His awkward grin met her genuine one, and his eyes went wide as he realized exactly what had just happened. He glanced at the floor, his feet stumbling, betraying him as he tried to follow her example and take a step back as well.

"Let's get out of here, and lets find some other good people. We'll find a way off this island, and we'll go home. We can stop at Carvel's on the way- ice cream sundaes on me."

He only nodded at first, before he realized exactly how little the lighting situation in the tunnel actually portrayed. "Yeah, that sounds good." His feet scuffed on the dirt as his fingers slid in and out of the loop of his backpack. For a moment, he had almost forgotten about the island, the pressure on him involved in talking to someone he'd never spoken to before filling his mental capacity. Again, unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and as he looked over his shoulder reality rushed back to him.

Right. Survival of the Fittest. His eyes closed as he sighed hard, gripping the daypack dangling from his fingers tight. He really couldn't think of a single thing to say to this girl without boring her, or annoying her, or sounding like a complete and total dweeb. So he went with the best option out of those available to him.

"Let's get the heck out of here."
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