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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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It must of been Jason's lucky day finding two of his friends. He paused for a second, thinking to himself. Well not really lucky all things considered, in fact, pretty much unlucky. Or yesterday was unlucky and today *was* lucky. It didn't really matter.

"Hey Nath. Brook's here as..."

Jason was cut off as Brook jumped out from the side and called out. As the three visibly relaxed Jason listened carefully to Brook.

"Yeah going to have to agree with you mate. This isn't exactly the most defensible location, plus we don't know who might be a little more trigger happy than us. I'm thinking if we're here." Jason set his backpack down and unfurled his map pointing to where he hazarded the group was. "We can make it to the town before nightfall, at least we can set something up in that case."

Turning to Nathan he took another quick glance around and drew a line with his finger. "You got anyone you wanna look out for Nath? You too Brook. We probably want to keep it small but there's safety in numbers. We've both got guns too so we're pretty kitted out, what did you get?"

Jason was already thinking about the trek. It would be a tough walk but they should be fine. Nathan seemed to have his head screwed on right at the moment, together they should be able to keep an eye on Brook until he calmed down. Shock was a bitch. Probably should get him to read the manual of that gun. Jason's one was a dozey, an underwater dart gun. Battery pack instead of clip. Took him all of 10 minutes to read the manual and figure it out. He hoped Brook's was easier.

"Gun's up guys, we should get moving soon, but take a minute or so to figure things out ok?"

Jason paused, letting Nathan get anything he might need off his chest. He was glad that both of them were here, none of them would ever hurt each other that much he knew for certain.

Cause they just wouldn't.


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