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Kaitlin cried, and it felt like an eternity, but when she was done, she felt a strange sense of relief. It was one thing that was at least semi good about this game- a chance to finally get a message out to her father. She always tried to follow one of her mother's sayings, to find the silver lining of the darkest cloud. Her mother, of course, didn't exactly follow this saying- but then again, there were few she did follow. Unless of course, early to bed and early to rise meant a night of binge drinking followed by waking up at noon with a hangover an alcoholic frat boy would be ashamed to have.

"Hello. I... I'm Peter." She looked up, and saw a small, slight boy standing above her. She recognized him at once- Peter McCrue, the boy who was supposed to be a genius. He was a year younger than most of the seniors (and two years younger than the rest, like her), but he seemed very nice. And besides, he was kinda cute...

He spoke about she seemed scared, and he was right, she was terrified. He talked about how he didn't want to play, how he just wanted to go home, and Kaitlin watched a tear makes it slow journey down its face as he did. Her heart went out to him, as she realized a crucial part of the agony the other kids were feeling- she had no real friends on the island, no one who she had known very closely, who she really loved, but other people did. It must be a torture for them, not knowing what the friends were doing, whether they were in pain right now, wondering whether they were hurt and what they were doing. It was a feeling that was no stranger to Kaitlin- she had spent many nights awake in her dark room wondering about her father, not knowing if he was happy or sad, wondering if he thought about his daughter as much as she thought about him.

He wanted to be friends, and he wanted to leave the tunnel. He looked at her, and she guessed that he wanted to look something like a hero- but in the darkness of the tunnel, his face obscured by Kaitlin's tears, he just looked like a sad, tired boy. A boy who desperately wants to go home, and hasn't quite grasped that he has no idea how to. Kaitlin felt like she would cry again, and she did the only thing she thought would stop it.

She reached out to him, and pulled him close, and hugged him. There were no words passed in the embrace, but they weren't necessary. It was the simple gentle softness and warmth of another human being, the reassuring soothing feeling of another person that was buried deep in the human mind, underneath even the most basic savage urges. She didn't think of anything, not her arguments with her mother, not that terrible video they'd seen, not the sick philosophy of that monster Danya. She simply basked in the simple yet immense power of another's persons caring touch, and even her darkest thoughts withered in its wake.

"Peter, I'm Kaitlin Anderheim." she said, stepping back out of the hug with a smile on her face. "Thank you... thank you so much. For being so kind. And yes, lets be friends. You'll be my first friend in the school, actually." She grinned at this, and actually laughed a little. "Let's get out of here, and lets find some other good people. We'll find a way off this island, and we'll go home. We can stop at Carvel's on the way- ice cream sundaes on me."

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