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Katelyn glanced aside for a moment. The idea of going out looking for trouble didn't appeal to her very much, but she had to remind herself that none of her classmate would become killers this easy. Sure, sometimes people didn't get along, but it was a pretty big step between being annoyed by someone, and taking a gun and shooting that person in the face. Just being told to do so doesn't bridge that gap. There weren't going to be any killers stalking the island; Katelyn just had to stop doubting that.

But people could get scared. They could shoot first without realising what they were doing. They could kill friends, and end up wrapped up in this stupid game. Katelyn wanted to hide, to find somewhere they'd never be able to get to her and wait till it was all over, but that was just being emotional. She had to be rational here, not to give in to the fear this game was trying to instil in her. She couldn't hide in the dark, where she couldn't see who was coming, and everyone would surprise her. The other girls had the right plan. At least, Katelyn hoped they were right.

Gathering her resolve, Katelyn gave a firm nod, and, adjusting the strap on her bag, turned to head onwards into the tunnels.

((Katelyn Wescott continued in Ishida Hunting))
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