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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Ivan glared down at the girl that had just tried to grab him. The fact of the matter was, now she was on the ground, he was in the position of power, and if he really had to... well, Ivan didn't actually want to think that far ahead. As it was, he glared down at her through his green-tinted glasses, awaiting her answer.

So, she was Tabi Gweneth. Ivan had heard that name a few times on the overhead announcements, and he'd also seen the face... hell, he'd probably seen and taken into account every individual face in Bayview, no matter if anybody else realized it or not. However, he hadn't associated the face with the name until now.

Whatever... that takes care of that for the time being, but I need to know what she's got on her...

Ivan continued his stare down at the poor girl, which was only made worse than usual by the higher vantage point, her prone position, and the fact that his eyes were completely obscured by the colored lenses. Yet, as he stared, she continued to blubber out nothing useful. Maybe... maybe she was actually relatively harmless. Ivan's mind scrambled a bit... he was nervous. He knew he was nervous, but he didn't want her knowing he was nervous. Her anxiety, however, was painfully clear. Given a few moments, he'd let her up. Maybe he'd frisk her to make sure it was safe, maybe-



Ivan's eyes widened and his head immediately turned to the voice, then back to Tabi. This was not good at all... who was this person with the incredibly annoying accent? He knew Tabi? In that case, this wasn't going to look good at al-

"Hands where I can see them!"

"What the..." he rumbled lowly, turning in a strafing manner so he could have Tabi in the bottom section of his vision while looking in the direction everybody was coming from. When he saw a second person approaching, this time a girl, his temper began to flare. What the hell... where were they all coming from? Was EVERYBODY about to flock to his secluded spot, when all he wanted... was to be left alone!?

"The FUCK do you want!?" He barked at the two, but at looking at the newer person, he seemed unsettled. The guy with the crazy accent didn't have any visible weapon, though the hand in the pocket was... nerve-wracking. He might've had a knife in there, or maybe a gun. What was worse, though, was that the girl definitely had a gun, and she was taking turns focusing it on him and the others.

Shit... shit, SHIT! Ivan's jaw locked into a scowl.

"No... I'm NOT playing the game. I just want to stay here, and be left. ALONE!" He nearly screamed the last bit, then quickly looked down to Tabi. The sight wasn't pretty... she seemed to be passed out, and there was a large wet spot over her crotch. How annoying... the girl literally pissed herself and fell asleep. Ivan looked back to the other two, holding his umbrella steady and pointed between the two.

"Go... just go!"
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