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The hug with Dutchy was as long and meaningful, perhaps more than Brendan intended. Dutchy whispered something in Scandinavian, the one language that Brendan wanted to learn. Not just because of Dutchy or anything, he just always wanted to travel to the Northern Regions of Europe. He might still have that chance, who knows?

There was someone else here, someone he didn't see before: Roland. He didn't know him much, apart from the Activists meetings back at Bayview, and he knew he should have got to know him better.

"Roland..." Brendan muttered, not really sure what to say to him. They hardly ever spoke, right, so what was there to say? Glad you're alive? Well that would have worked anyway.

Just as he was about to respond, the other person on the scene made his prescence known - with Brendan's gun.

He started to talk about honesty, and people taking advantage of the loose weapon. Letting go of Dutchy, he wandered over to him, and chuckled.

"Yes, there are those people...Jason isn't it? Yes, there are people like that, I know, but..." Brendan took the gun from him, extended the cylinder out, and spun it, looking through all the empty chambers to him:

"Ain't much they can do without ammo, huh?"

Brendan started to feel a bit bad. Here he really thought he was going to get on his good side, right?

Before he could ponder that, he heard Dutchy ask the other two members of their group about being the good guys. It made Brendan think for a bit; if they knew what he had done, would they still want him around? If he had let someone get away with murder?

He took a glance at his hands; they still had some splashes of Chris's blood on them. He hadn't really expected moving the body to be a clean job, even if all he was doing was giving him a respectable funeral.

Sliding the cylinder back in, Brendan went back over and grabbed his bag, joined Sarah, Dutchy, and Roland. Sarah had her map out, looking it over.

So what are we going to do now? I still need to find people. Anna, Erik, Dawne...they could help me! If I just stay with them, I'll find whoever I need to find, and then....and...then...

"Okay...so what's the plan, guys? What are we going to do? Find the other members? Cause that's about all I'm up for at the moment."
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