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Andrea nodded at Nick's response. Soporific? Well, if that was a joke, then tension... sort of relieved, she guessed. Probably was a joke; she didn't think Nick had a very bouncy sense of humor. Well, her first human interaction could have gone worse. Future ones certainly would.

Best not to think about those yet. All that doom and gloom and reality wasn't healthy for the brain. Besides, if she started thinking about future encounters, she'd have to think about how she was going to respond to them. And what might happen if she didn't respond correctly. And what might eventually happen even if she DID respond correctly. And those thoughts might lead her to dark places indeed.

So, back to the present; Nick had a point about the Molotovs and gunpowder. Hell, maybe they could take a shot at burning down the island, that'd put a crimp in Danya's operation.

File that one away for later, Andrea.

There'd been a brief pause before Nick started speaking again, and she was glancing back at her personal bag and feeling far too much like a desperate junkie even though she absolutely totally 100% wasn't one, she wasn't some fucking crackhead or anything, and then holy crap someone else was there.

Alex White.

Oh man. She wanted to laugh again. Two speedfreaks and a depressive; this could be a terrible TV sitcom or something. Of course, that was about the only thing she and Alex had in common offhand. And she figured she was probably one of the only ones at school who even knew that about him.

Nick was the first to respond, and Andrea figured she might as well follow suit.

"Yeah, uh, hey how are ya?" she asked, and regretted it immediately. How the fuck did she think he was doing?

"...sorry, just making conversation, you don't really need to answer that."

She found herself taking a step back towards her supplies. Best be ready to grab and go, just in case Alex White wasn't in a pleasant mood. Well, she could handle an unpleasant mood. Hadn't she already done that? Just not a murderous one. Not until she had time to pore through every crevice in her brain and come up with her gameplan here. After all, she was the fangirl, wasn't she?

Ah, fuck.
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