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James was shouting at her again. James was shouting at her, and there was a whole crowd of people, and she was in a - a gosh-darn tree on some disgusting sick idea of a game-show that had to be a joke, it had to, it couldn't be real, and she didn't understand anything that was going on apart from the fact that she really, really wanted to get down. She curled herself into her branch and did her best to ignore them, concentrating on improving her grip and keeping herself anchored securely to the tree.

But he was still talking to her. And then, oh, miracles of miracles, she opened her eyes enough to see a close up of the wood, rough, covered in tiny beads of sap, but just out of range, just enough for her to see was oh heavens, a hand. James' hand. He was reaching for her...she couldn't see what he was standing on but it had to be a ladder or some kind of thing like that. Carefully, she began to inch herself forwards, the motion dislodging the sword and sending it spinning down to earth.

The sudden slip of the steel startled her, and she bit back a shriek as it plummeted down. All she could do was cower deeper into the bark, all the bravado of fear deserting her as she desperately chanted "Oh god I'm sorry I'm so sorry are you okay please be okay I'm so sorry I didn't mean to..."

She probably would have continued speaking as well, if the feel of someone tickling at her hand hadn't started her. She glanced sideways, expecting to see moss or leaves.

She didn't.

"Oh. Oh no. Oh no, no no no nononono...."

The most gigantic spider she had ever come face to face with was sitting right in front of her, quietly clicking its pincers. It was massive, and hairy. It was black and brown and red and bizarre looking. Eight curious eyes stared glassily at her. One dark leg twitched. Six of the eight legs were resting on the branch, but two were resting delicately on the back of her hand.


Winnie didn't waste any time. Shrieking incoherently, she flung herself at James' hand, half shimmying down the tree, half using him as a ladder, wrapping her body around him as much as possible and gasping for breath as she tried to put as much space - and man - between her and the obviously carnivorous arachnid.

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