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Nathan sat right on top of the log staring down at the freshly kicked log. Maybe if he stared at it long enough it'd turn into ash, or preferably a magical way out, however he found his attempt ended in vain.

He didn't feel sad, he wasn't even sure that he felt angry anymore now that he had vented. Instead, Nathan just felt completely and totally numb. He just sat there, spacing out, hypnotized by the remnants of some hundred year old pine tree that lost it's life, god knew how long ago...

The voice broke him free of his emotional coma and his head perked up in the direction of the voice. It sounded vaguely familiar, but he wasn't really sure. He was flanked? Nathan wasn't really surprised with that, it wasn't like he was alone here. Maybe a group of killers had arrived and were already here, they said they weren't going to shoot, but who knew what would be happening. It was Survival of the Fittest.

Only one way to find out...

He went to his bag and looped it onto his back, maybe it was protect him from a shot from behind, who knew. He gave one final sigh and stood up and walked towards the direction of the initial shout.

To his surprise, it turned out to be Jason Harris of all people that appeared into view. Nathan wanted to be more excited at this, but he still couldn't muster any amount of glee in regards to the fact that one of his friends could be a killer. He continued to walk forward though, hands clutching his straps of his pack as tightly as he could, waiting for the possible death blow.

"Hi Jason..." he said frowning, "It's Nathan..."
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