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Viewing Single Post From: Dude, how come I feel like i'm not in Kansas anymore?
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The punch connected, knocking Albert down and shutting him up immediately. Dougal relished the brief silence between the two, using the opportunity to climb to his feet, collect his thoughts and let out a heavy sigh, quickly dusting some dirt off of his jeans. At least he'd stopped his pitiful crying; now he could focus on checking his bags and thinking of a pragmatic way to tackle this problem.

He then looked at Albert.

Albert was giving Dougal a look that Dougal had never received before. Albert was in a state of shock, and he looked scared. He was scared of him, stuttering as he tried to respond.

Well, great job Augustus MacDougal. You've just made one of your best friends terrified of you. Well done, you're doing EXACTLY what Danya wants you to do.

"Shit...sorry, Albert....but...." Dougal struggled to think of a way to justify his impulses to Albert without being too blunt or even more jerkish. "Basically, we're going to die, and your jokey attitude weren't helping. The only way we can survive is if we kill our classmates, which I am NOT keen on doing, or finding some magical genie bottle and wishing our way out of this or something." Dougal had already written off the possibility of escape; it weren't going to happen. The cameras and the collars made sure of that, and even if those two issues were gone, the lack of a proper boat would be an issue.

"Listen, Albert....let's just stay together for now. Sorry about that punch. It's just....you were pissing me off. Here, lemme help you up. No major damage?" He offered his hand to Albert, hoping he would be in a forgiving mood. Looking around the area, he noticed two bags. One was his one bag (presumably still filled with his clothes and stuff) and one other bag he'd never seen before. And on that bag, rested two wooden skis. His 'weapon' roll, presumably.

Oh, hardy dee har har.

Fuck you, Danya.
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