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Marion shifted as Bennett studied her from her seat on the ground. From the look on her face, she wasn’t exactly pleased with her company. Join the club, she thought although she mostly meant being stuck in these tunnels or whatever they were and trapped in this sick game.

"I thought information was a specialty of yours...Marion. Am I right? You wrote for the paper, didn't you? As for extra information, I don't anything more than what we were told. To be honest I just woke up and took off walking." She looked around a bit, narrowing her eyes.

Marion rolled her eyes. “Yeah, Marion Summers. And for the record, being a reporter doesn’t mean I automatically have all the answers,” she clarified. “My job is to uncover the facts, which begins with asking questions.”

"Do these tunnels unnerve anyone else,” Bennett asked

"Yeah, I guess it is pretty creepy in here...,”
Katelyn answered before Marion had a chance. Instead Marion nodded her agreement at the unnerving nature of the tunnels.

“I think it makes an excellent excuse to get out of here,” she suggested. “See what the rest of the island looks like, or at least where these tunnels lead.”
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