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All three members of the group noticed her, all three reacted quite differently, just like she'd suspected they would. Actually the surprise to Kris was that Kimberly seemed fairly pleased to see her, which pretty much showed about how much she knew. Listening to the greetings, Kris dropped her hand to her side, trying to make it look as casual as she could whilst simultaneously keeping it as far from her pistol as possible. Hovering halfway towards grabbing the gun looked a lot worse than... well, most everything that wasn't having the gun drawn, as it happened.

Bridget asked if she was okay, which although it obviously hadn't been intended as such, was a loaded question. Kris was fine, wasn't she? Nobody had hurt her or hell, even attempted to come after her at all. But ...there was still the obvious counterpoint to that. What could Kris say? Either she could lie through omission and just say that yeah, everything was all fine and dandy, gee but this situation was fucked up wasn't it? Or... I'm perfectly okay but it happens I shot somebody for no reason, so yeah.

Instead of answering the killer (apt...) question immediately, Kris took the easy option and just greeted them. "...Hey guys," dammit. It felt like she hadn't used her voice in about a million years. It sounded more like a croak than actually speaking, at least to her ears.

At first, Kris welcomed Steve's interjection. She thought it would give her a little more time to think over how she could respond to Bridget. Then it turned out to be even more of a trapdoor than the first one.


"I..." she hesitated, changed tack. "It's just what I got issued, alright?" Kris shifted uncomfortably, her shoulder dipping and briefly causing her daypack to swing into clearer view. She noticed Steve's eyes flickering towards it, wondered why, then...

Opened the bag, rummaging. Look at the front. Name. 'G029, Kris Hartmann'. Finding gun. Name. Later, Etain. Running. Bag. Not hers. The pack isn't hers. ...Name.

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