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Albert had known Dougal for a while now, and the boy liked to consider him one of his closest friends. They got along well enough, and Dougal's down-to-earth mentality balanced out his own... youth. So, he felt fairly confident in saying that this was not like Dougal, not as Al knew him, at least. He fe-

And without even thinking about it, Dougal clenched his fist and threw a punch, aiming right at Albert's face.

Al didn't even realize it was coming until it hit him, slamming into his jaw, and knocking him back onto the ground. Now, Albert Lions was no stranger to pain, his recklessness got him injured more times than his parents cared to count, but this was different. He hadn't fallen off a roof, or walked into a door, he'd been punched. By Augustus MacDougal.

For perhaps the first time in his life, Al stopped talking. Slowly, he sat up, one hand cupped over the forming bruise, and looked at Dougal, his eyes filled with pain, and confusion... and fear. "I-I..."
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