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Can you hear me?
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Water water oh god water get me out get me out get me OUT OF HERE!

Carol tried to lift herself off the ground, but to no avail. Her knees kept giving way, as if they had turned to jello. Oh god, whose bright idea was this, leaving the aquaphobe nearby a large body of water?! Whoever did this had to be punished somehow by the teachers. Maybe they would be sent home, or have to sleep outside, or hell, just excluded from some of the activities!


Someone was shouting, but she had no clue who. Who was that? Was that the person who left her here? They had a lot to answer to. Mr. Kwong wasn't someone you pissed off. He was a very stern man, and very few of the students hadn't ever seen him actually happy. So he was going to be quite upset, of course! Yes! And the other teachers were going to put a stop to whoever did this as well!

She could see the speaker approaching. Was that Kari Nichols? Carol did not know her very well, but she was in a few of her classes. Did she do this to her? But she was saying get away from her, so someone else was nearby, right? But who? Pondsworth? Yes! He had to be him, he treated everyone at the school like crap! It was only a matter of time before he targeted the new kid that was afraid of water!

"KARI!" Carol cried out, and then began shouting very quickly. "Kari, I just woke up here and there was lots of water and I think Monty did it since he had to screw with the new kid before everything is over and I don't know where I am or if the teachers are looking for me or OHSHITWHYDOYOUHAVEAGUN?!"

Carol had just noticed that Kari currently had some sort of gun on her. She had seen guns in many of the video games she would play and in movies, but to be honest, she had never actually seen the real thing before. She did not recognize the build or anything. What was Kari doing carrying around a gun?! Wasn't that banned from the trip? It wasn't as if they were going hunting, and the teachers didn't want to have to deal with psychos running around! Heck, someone could get hurt! What was the point of the gun? What was the point?! All it was going to do was get her sent home early, for crying out loud!

Gun... Kari... water...

Carol stared at the thing, and found herself freezing once again to the spot. Oh god, she was trapped between one of her classmates holding a gun and a body of water! She didn't even know why she was carrying a gun! All she knew was that there was water and there was a gun! Should she run away from both of them? But... but...

Hell... what was going on?!

Coming to a V7 near you.
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