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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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Optimism fuel running dangerously low, Steve certainly didn't need realistic criticism for his and Kimberly's plans. Sure they were dreaming, sure there probably wouldn't be anything seaworthy, but at least it was a goal, something to keep them occupied, and to keep their minds off of their collective fate. For as Steve's supply of hope dwindled, the boy became distinctly aware that he was probably going to die, and so were the two girls with him. He didn't know much about them, but fit as he was, Steve was no killer. He knew it for a fact; he could never play Danya's game without losing himself. Perhaps that was the point.

But before he could share his thoughts, and just admit that the only reason he was trying to think of something to do was to occupy his mind somewhere other than his forthcoming demise, he was cut off by a new arrival. The others seemed to recognise her. Steve did too. That skater chick, shared an art class with him, they'd spoken a few times, but not often. She had a sort of boyish name, Alex or Dani or...

"Oh, hi, Kris!"

...Kris, that was the one. But there was something imminently more important than her name. Namely her weapon, a mean looking handgun at her hip. So Steve said the first thing that came to mind, and perhaps the question on everybody else's lips - "Please tell me that's for self-defence."

Of course, there was something a little more important than that, which had eluded everybody's notice - his included - for the time being. And that was what was printed on the side of Kris' bag. The number meant nothing to Steve, but the name spoke volumes, because he was pretty sure Kris' name wasn't Reika Ishida. It didn't take long to put two and two together. Sure it could be perfectly innocuous, but common sense said that was incredibly unlikely. Common sense also told Steve to hold his tongue and not antagonise the probably-killer. Better to just be prepared, and pretend he hadn't noticed... even though his eyes refused to stop flicking back to the name.
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