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Even at the slow pace in which the conversation was going, it all was still too fact for Jackie to comprehend. Though she didn't notice it, she had begun to hug her arms around herself as if to keep warm.

"Don't mind the gun, the safety's on and I'm not killing anyone that doesn't attack me first." The girl calling herself Rose said.

Ugh, that's hardly the point. Jackie thought to herself, too paranoid to even think of saying anything remotely offensive out loud in Rose's presence. The gun may have been relatively small, but it was the first real gun Jackie had ever seen, and it was almost as if the weight of the steel contraption was pinning her where she stood.

"We run into someone with a gun, Rose can pop 'em. Sound good?"

He said it so casually that a chill ran up Jackie's spine. Had all of her classmate hid such secrets from her? Just how many of her fellow students were able to look at a gun in their current situation and still speak like a normal teenager? She was able to tell that the guy who called himself Garrett was definitely the most fit-looking person in the group, and that he might have been able to kill them all already if Rose did not have the gun. There was no way to tell whether or not he was legitimately thinking of teaming up for survival or just playing it safe so that he could kill them all later. Rose may have a sweet face on at that moment, but she might end up hiding murderous intent underneath it.

"Anyvay here’s my knife if you vant it." Rein's knife fell down to Jackie's feet with a heavy thud. She had been so lost in thought that she wasn't even listening to what he had been saying. Nevertheless, she picked up the knife-- it looked just like one that she could have found in the kitchen back at home-- and held it in her free hand.

"Th-thanks. I can at least scare somebody off with this. You sure, though?" He did not look nearly as strong as Garrett did, nor did he look nearly as intimidating. If he was willing to give up his weapon, though, then Jackie was glad to let Garrett do all of the muscle flexing for all four of them.
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