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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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"Nah. First time. Nothing like the ads on TV.". A positive response, and a smile... well, almost a smile, at least she'd tried to. Ema could hardly blame the girl, what with the situation they were in, and it was painfully evident that she herself would probably run out of optimism-adrenaline soon enough, and be in just the same vacant state - or worse.

"The name's Eve. Dancer, mother of one."

Ema was just about to reply with her own name, and try to come up with some profession that sounded remotely good, when she registered the last three words Eve had said. Mother of one. Mother. An amendment to that introduction was in order. "Ema Ryan, eh, geek. So, you're a mum... guess that means you don't have any excuse not to win this thing. What'd you get?". Ema gave a meaningful glance towards Eve's bag, hoping she'd drawn something that could defend the both of them, meanwhile extending her hand to accept the shake. "I got a cheap piece of cr--"

"There's someone watching us."

She froze, hand steady as the dead in mid-air. The dead, exactly what Ema had no intention of becoming, but the surprise had given her away. Stopping mid sentence, face ashen, amiable smile dropped in an instant; whoever was watching would know full well that they were detected. Lucky for her it was academic, then.

Ema's hand dropped, and for some reason, her eyes followed it's progress. For that lapse in concentration, she was rewarded with a glimpse of something hanging from the side of the pier - her own bag. But it was hardly a good time to be worrying about personal belongings, more a time for action and quick thinking. In a hoarse whisper, Ema noted "Alright mumsie, you'd better have something good...", and hoped against hope that the newcomer was friendly, and just as afraid of Eve and herself as they were of him.
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