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As Dutchy stumbled his way over towards Sarah and Roland, he could feel the world he knew, the world he was comfortable with, slipping away. His head began to pound agonizingly as he mentally sorted through the possibilities of what could befall his friends, AND him. Sarah and Roland were talking, he didn't know what about. He stumbled and nearly fell on his way over, he could feel fresh tears beginning to stain his face. The wind whipped his blond hair about, but he couldn't be bothered to fix it.

Jason just... gotta' be mistaken. But if he's wrong, why- why the collars? No, no I can't think like that. But thinking isn't gonna help get your friends out of here! Oh God, Dutchy what're you gonna do? You're never gonna' see Iceland, what're you gonna do!?


I know that voice...

Dutchy slowly raised his head, just in time to see a tall brown haired boy embrace Sarah joyfully. He stared at them, the tears ceasing. It seemed to take him forever to click the pieces together, and when he finally did the words seemed caught in his throat.

I... I know... Brendan.


That was all he could get out before Brendan had run over and embraced him. The memories flooded his mind as the other boy held him. Brendan at the Activist Meetings, that easy going smile. Brendan at the mall, eating ice cream and laughing. Brendan pushing away when he went for a hug, the girls in the hallway trying hard to contain their laughter. Brendan walking past him, pretending he didn't exist. No more smiles for Dutchy...

"Oh God, I thought I'd never see you guys again."

Brendan coming back. Brendan smiling again. Brendan and Dutchy, friends forever, laughing about the whole thing. Somehow, Dutchy managed to laugh despite the circumstances.

Brendan came back. Brendan is here. It's gonna be okay. It isn't over, we'll be fine. I'm going to see Iceland. No matter what, we're all going to see Iceland...

"g elska ig Brendan. g elska ig buddy." He whispered. Brendan finally realized him and Dutchy shuffled over a few paces to Roland. He smiled at him, somewhat sadly.

Poor Roland. He doesn't deserve to be here. Not Roland, not anyone...

"Gan daginn Roland. Langt san vi hfum sst." He said, speaking softly, barely audible over the waves.

There was talking behind him and Dutchy turned, just in time to see Jason pointing something at Brendan, something... a gun? Dutchy's eyes went wide momentarily and his heart pounded in his chest. He screamed inwardly at himself and nearly jumped forward, before he realized that he was handing it the other way, the way you didn't shoot things with. He breathed a sudden sigh of relief and smiled.

Man, I'm REALLY gun-challenged...

Looking back down to Roland and Sarah, he saw the pair had a map out, Sarah busy with a compass trying to figure out their location.

Brendan, Roland and Sarah... all of them, together, moments after I woke up... This is an omen. This is fate, sayin' it's going to be just fine...

"So, I guess this means we're the good guys, yeah?" He said to the group.
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