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Cyrille smiled as all three individuals agreed to help her find Violetta. Vio meant everything to her and the fact that these three were willing to help gave her a new sense of hope.

”Merci” Cyrille thanked in French. Of course now they had to move out somewhere safer. Saul had a point that it was probably dangerous staying here. Miranda on the other hand added to move to a building for better protection. It made sense at first until Cyrille realized it had a deadly flaw.

”Wait… A building might not be the best idea. First what if someone was already there? Then they have the advantage and I doubt they let us in. Second even if we find an empty building I doubt it will remain that for long. We’re probably not the only group who’s going to seek shelter. What if someone who has a gun came along? I mean Gar has a weapon but against a gun... I understand it seems safe but we’re also going where everyone else is drawn too. And some other people might be… you know… playing…” Cyrille said slightly worried. Of course she did have her own idea. ”What if we found a cave instead? I mean it is harder to defend but otherwise it should have fewer individuals… And it can also provide us shelter.” She said wondering what the others might think. Of course in the end she was willing do follow Saul anywhere at this point. Speaking of Saul she went ahead to look at him. ”I said my case but in the end I’ll follow wherever you go Saul.”
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While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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