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Seeing the pain in Roland's eyes left Sarah silent. She knew exactly what he was going through, but couldn't find the words to say it. It seemed clear to her that it was best to remain quiet, to let him vent. He was right too, it shouldn't have been happening, and Sarah couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for not having helped him more with his campaigning. She'd always been more concerned with other issues, had always thought sotf one of the least important things to be fighting... And yet here they were.

This wasn't it though. She couldn't let that be it. They weren't dead yet, whatever Roland said, they could still do something, they could always do something. She looked up at Roland, who had since stood and walked away. They weren't done for, she knew it, but how could she stop him thinking that? 'Don't give up'? 'Everything will be fine'? They already sounded like bullshit in her mind. What she needed right then was an hour to prepare her arguments, gather evidence, make plans, like she had in their past debates. She didn't have an hour.

Maybe 'Stop being so fucking pessimistic' would do.

Suddenly, Brendan appeared out of nowhere. As soon as she heard the yell she finally made the effort to push herself off of the ground, grinning like a madwoman. She couldn't believe her luck, Brendan was here? That made... That made four of them already together. She felt her feet lift clean off the ground as the 6 foot something boy hugged her; all but squeezing the breath out of her lungs. All she could do was throw her arms around his neck, somehow find a way to inhale, and tell him how glad she was to see him.

"Augh; mate, you have n-NO idea; how good it is to s-see you."

It was the first time since she'd woken up over an hour ago that she'd been genuinely happy. Eventually her feet found semi-solid ground again and the boy went off to hug Dutchy as well. It was then she realised Roland was talking about moving on. She nodded to him and crouched by the duffel bag again, extracting her map and compass. The sun was getting higher, and hotter, and shelter, even if it just meant walking as far as the trees, seemed like a good idea.

Hearing Jason's now unwelcome voice again, she twisted her head only to see him handing a gun to Brendan. Her mouth sat half open to say something before she thought better of it. That small action redeemed him a little in her mind, twat as he still was.

She spread the map out in front of her on the sand, burying the edges of the map to protect against the wind; aligned the compass, and got to work, squinting from map to scenery and back.

So... we're on the eastern side... the lighthouse is up there... 5 degrees north east so that means we're... are those people?
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