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Rena backed straight into him and Alex's hesitation had destroyed his attempt at restraining her. She had turned to face him, and looked very calm. The club hovered by her side, without a hint of aggression. Rena was good at hiding her fear. Very good, in fact.

She fired a quick glance past him.

'Wait! Wait. Everyone stop. Let's not get this out of...out of hand.' she gulped. 'You both know I'm Rena...so who are you?'

Alex froze and panic flashed on his face. The rims of his glasses wouldn't hide the expression of terror on his face.

Oh god, she isn't behind me, is she?

Alex had to lunge for the club. If the girl with the gun was behind him, he was dead anyway. He would choose his moment wisely. Alex could not make a mistake this time.

'My name is... Alex...' a quick glance over his shoulder revealed no-one. '...Alex Seymo...'

He launched himself at the club hoping to rip it from her grasp, if Rena had a tight grip or quick reactions he would be on his knees at her mercy. It was last chance saloon.
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