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"Am I ready to die?" Brock let out a bark of laughter before turning despairing eyes back to Hunt. "No I ain't fucking ready! Who the fuck is ready to die when they're nineteen!?" Brock slammed a fist into the tree he was leaning against, sending a jolt of pain through his hand. "But I'm smart enough to know I ain't smart enough to do jack shit about all of this. I can't come up with some kind of super-genius plan to get out of here, and even if by some miracle somebody did, who the fuck is going to invite the big stupid jock along!?" Brock was degenerating into full-on ranting mode now, something which was somewhat out of character for him. He was usually more reserved. "And if that ain't enough, I have a weapon I can't even use because I'm FUCKING DYSLEXIC!" in a fit of pique, Brock picked up the manual to his gun and hurled it in Hunt's direction.

There was nothing he could gooddamn do, especially since that even had the manual be comprehensible, he would have had no inclination to use the gun. Hell, for all his complaints, Brock could probably have figured out the pistol with a little bit of care and attention but in a way, it was a relief that he couldn't. Being armed was a responsibility, one that Brock didn't want in the slightest. It was authority and Brock had never been much of a leader.

What he happened to be was fucked all over. People were going to look at him and see a threat, they were going to remember all those times when he'd just gone along with some of the other guys who'd decided to be less than friendly, they were going to see his size and physique and get anxious. If there were more people with guns out there... well, spooked and armed wasn't a good combination. Maybe he could find some of the other footballers...

Or Hilary. Damn. If he was scared, then what sort of state would see be in? She wasn't a massive dude on a sports team with a gun, she was a little half-british girl who seemed scared of her own shadow half the time. ...If anyone was going to need watching over, it would be her.

Was he a knight in shining armour? Hell no, but he was probably the best she'd get.
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