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Trevor nodded his head towards the sound of the voice for Gary, silently indicating the exit. Why’d you do that? If someone did that to me I’d be all, yes I heard it too dumbshit I know where the voice came from thank you. Yeah but someone’s got to lead the other right? And I’m not about to be led, not here. It’s ok to take charge once in a while. Trevor lowered his voice to a whisper and said to Gary, ‘I don’t know about you but I’m not sure about just letting this guy grab whatever from these containers. What if he pulled a machine gun or something?’

Ploughing ahead he added, ‘You know anything about this guy? Cos I think I do. If it’s who I think it is then he knows how to fight. Wrestling mind you, stay out of his reach and you’ll be fine. If he grabs you, I’ve got your back.’ I hope you’ve got mine he added silently. ‘Follow my lead ok?’

Trevor decided to try and scare he kid away. It was time to pull out the big guns, so to speak. No more messing around with classically trained actors. Trevor pulled a voice that they were all too familiar with. The big man himself. Danya. Projecting his voice so it filled the warehouse, Trevor let rip.

‘Now now Simon,’ Trevor felt sick just impersonating the man, ‘normally I’d just let you go and try your luck. But hey it’s my gig I can interfere if I want to right? Not my business if such a strong contender gets beaten to death in vain. But there are ratings to consider and, really, it would be such a waste. That there key of yours will be, ah, useful later. I’d save it if I were you.’

Trevor added a little piece of his own to give credence to the speech. Like a petulant child he cried, ‘That is not fucking fair! You take us all here and then fucking choose favourites? Fuck you man, FUCK YOU DANYA!’

It was almost satisfying, yelling at Danya. Almost.

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