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Tabi's momentary joy of finding someone had vanished rather quickly. No sooner had she latched herself onto him then she noticed that her feet were slowly lifting off of the sandy beach. She found herself unable to let go as the full strength of the blonde boy started to carry her too far over.

Time slowed for Tabi as she rolled over his body. She found that as she moved forward, her grip began to loosen from his shirt until it was no longer possible for her to do so. With a soft crunch, her body landed onto her bag, cushioning her fall as best it could, but still leaving herself sore.

She blinked for a moment and saw something being pointed at her, and a barrage of questions being asked, and she froze instantly, her sobs as silent as her body would allow her.

"I-I-I-I-I-" she stammered before sneezing, "I'm Ta-Tabi, Tabi Gw-Gweneth...Tabi Gweneth."

The tears began to flow again, it was the only reaction she could muster. The only person that she had found, was just looming over her, and she couldn't find a way out...

"I-I've just wandered around, I don't know where I am and I've been all alone and I'm just...I'm just..."

She heard her name and let out a small squeak, but didn't answer back. It sounded like Etain, but Tabi was too afraid to acknowledge him.

"Hands where I can see them!"

That was it for Tabi, whatever composure she had maintained over he body, it was gone, and she involuntarily found her self emptying her bladder.

"You aren't playing, are you?"

Her body began to sag into the sand, and her tears began to stop.

"Pla-playing...what on earth are ya talking about..." she began her breathing becoming faster, "Wh-what the heck is even going on here!"

Her face just fell to the left into a nearby sand dune.

I just want to go home...
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