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When Mike agreed, Erik felt a surge of relief. Like maybe he could do this, somehow. There had to be people on the island who weren't playing...god, who would? Given a choice? They could tough it out together. This was the fourth time, right? Someone would notice. Someone had to notice. It was all just a matter of waiting, surviving, holding out until rescue came. They could do that.

"No one should be out there alone." As Mike opened his daypack and tore into his bread, Erik sunk down again, folding his legs and resting his arms on the tops of his knees. "Christ, it's a mess. This whole situation is just..." Lost for words, he shrugged, eyes darkening. "Just fucked up."

He watched silently as Mike ate, not particularly feeling the need for food just yet. Drifting in his thoughts again, he found himself considering his classmates. Who, when it really came down to it, would...no. No, he wouldn't think about that. Couldn't think about that. He focused on Mike again just in time to see him stare in horror at a small pill in his hand, screaming about how he'd almost taken it earlier. Erik leaned closer, having just enough time to read the words 'cyanide pill' on the paper before Mike swept it away, and leaned away almost as fast.

"God..." He breathed out hard, almost reaching out to pat the other boy on the shoulder before apparently thinking better of it and pulling his hand back. "Fuck. Fuck, that's...." Messed up? There weren't even words for this. Not at all.

Mike seemed to rapidly get ahold of himself, although Erik had a suspicion that the smaller boy was doing the same thing he was...plastering over the cracks, trying to hold himself together just enough, relying on bravado and false confidence. When he inquired about the game Erik winced, wondering how exactly to phrase it.

"It's. Uh. It's kind of like a game show, except...real. They kidnap a school grade, give us weapons, collars that blow if we try to escape, and..." He choked on the words for a moment, bared his teeth in a painful grimace but kept talking, had to keep talking. "The object is to survive. One person survives a game. That's it. This is the fourth time. I never thought..."

But who ever thinks that it'll happen to them? He bowed his head for a moment, then stared into the distance, feeling hot tears prick his eyes. As he blinked them back, a shape came into focus, farther down the beach. Erik squinted, trying to make it out, but in the end it proved just too far away. Still. It was definitely someone.

"There's someone over there." His voice was soft. "You think we should...I mean...check it out?"

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