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Tiffany took a few long slow breaths to calm down. Silence surrounded her, threatening her calm. Are they looking for me? What happened to Dominic? There wasn't any way to find that out, not from where she was sitting. She'd need to take a look.

A few more deep breaths to steel herself for what she was going to do next. Then, she turned and slowly poked her head over the top of the tree stump to take a peek at what was happening. What unfolded made her throat seize up in horror. From her vantage point, she could see the shorter boy with the claw shove the larger one down behind another tree stump.

Then he raised the claws and swiped down.

Tiffany couldn't watch. She dropped back down behind the cover of the tree stump and closed her eyes. I just watched someone murder a good person, and I didn't even try to stop him. Tears started to well up in her eyes as her memories of Dominic flooded out. Dominic bringing in a cat from the animal shelter to middle school. Dominic putting up posters for the sophomore play. She was ashamed to not remember anytime she actually spoke to him directly. But now he was dead and the world had lost another good person to this sick game.

God, please have mercy on him.

Tiffany sat there for a few moments, wiping away the stray tears that rolled down her cheek. She couldn't cry. The other boy might still be around to find her. As she wiped them away, she caught sight of another boy emerging from nearby. He was moving quickly and nimbly over the logs and between the stumps. He seemed to be moving with a purpose.

And he was holding a gun.

The paralyzing fear gave way into primal terror. Tiffany screamed for her life.

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