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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.
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It was obvious that Brook wasn't taking the whole thing well, and rightfully so. Despite his best efforts Jason couldn't seem to shake Brook out of his state. Something was going on in the back of the boy's mind that Jason had rarely seen before and despite knowing Brook for the majority of his school life the Australian was worried, he hadn't even smiled a bit.

Still, when Brook embraced him in a hug Jason returned the sentiment. Brook might be in a fragile state at the moment but he was Jason's best friend and there was no way he wasn't going to be there for him, regardless of the circumstances. A thousand thoughts briefly crossed his mind, he did not want to mention searching for Tiffany at this point, it was a dumb idea and one that could get both of them killed, Brook would thank him later when he got off the island and found a nice girl to settle down with. The bloke deserved it. Not to say Tiffany wasn't a nice girl but Brook had some sort of infatuation with her, one which Jason wasn't sure he approved of, despite his reassurances to Brook.

"You'll be right mate. Sorry about that, just thought some humour might lighten the mood." Jason shrugged his shoulders and continued. "You are totally right though, this is some crazy shit and trust me, I'm not as uplifted as you might think, I've just got..."

He paused for a second. There they were again. Scratching at that door in his mind, rattling the knob, threatening to get out.

"Got to keep positive. Anyway, we should look for some people. I'm thinking the track team. Most of the guys there are smart blokes, they won't be pulling any dumb shit. We can rest a while here and you can figure out that pistol."

As Brook responded and looked up to the sound of Nathan kicking the log Jason cursed himself for letting down his guard. Mistakes like that get people killed. Control the situation. Looking at Brook Jason put a finger up to his lips and signaled for his friend to hold the position.

Stepping outwards in what he hoped would be some sort of rudimentary crossfire if whoever it was came in swinging Jason called out.

"Who's out there? We've got you flanked mate, come out, no ones going to be shooting here!"

Jason hoped to god that that whoever was out there would just step in to their field of view and he hoped it was someone friendly. He wasn't sure what Brook would do, but hell, he wasn't sure what he would do. He could only stand and wait.
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