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Rena was not a very instinctive person. She probably should have heard the noise behind her. She probably should have sense that there was something there. But she didn't, instead she backed straight into something. Something rather hard. And person sized.

Her eyes slowly faced the person she had just backed straight into.

Of course. She had tried to back out of a trap, and ended up backing straight into one.

She wondered if this boy would be willing to kill her. She wondered why he had been hiding, why he had set this trap. She wondered why she seemed the have the worst of luck when it came to meeting new people.

Rena didn't know whether or not she should scream. The only other person around wasn't someone she knew she could trust, and that girl had a gun. She couldn't see her captors weapon. He'd hidden it somewhere. Maybe she'd chosen the lesser of two evils?

Her thoughts were interrupted when the owner of the other voice (at least she assumed) barged into the scene.

Well, that was awkward.

Rena thought immediately that this could easily devolve into a violent situation, so she instead decided to try and stop it before it started.

"Wait! Wait. Everyone stop. Let's not get this out of...out of hand." Rena gulped. There was a large chance one of them was just going to kill her, and she did not particularly like that plan. "You both know I'm Rena...so who are you?"
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