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Katelyn wasn't really in a state fit to answer questions. The reality of the situation was still sinking in. She felt she wasn't even as close to being capable of answering their questions as they were themselves. Katelyn didn't know why they were on the island, why out of thousands of schools they were the ones playing this sick game, why such a game even existed! Confronted with these questions she tensed up, struggling against the stress. She couldn't say anything to them! Awkwardly silent, she bent over to retrieve her 'weapon'. Clutching it to her chest Katelyn surveyed the other girls, keeping the torch pointed at the ground.

Lit from below by the reflected light, both girls looked sinister, and Katelyn was aware she must've appeared much the same. She wondered whether her tears were hidden by the shadows cast from her cheeks. Perhaps these girls had been crying too, and she just couldn't see it in this light. They were probably just as scared as she was.

Despite her doubts, Katelyn felt sorry for them. They were all stuck on this island together, scared and confused. They weren't killers; she didn't have to be scared of them. Katelyn let herself relax, and even permitted herself a gentle smile.

"Yeah, I guess it is pretty creepy in here..."
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