"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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Rein kept a smile when he arrived to the group. He wasn't oblivious to the fact there was hostility in the group. Garret didn't seem to trust anyone, Rosa had a gun and seemed cautious and the third girl was scared out of her mind. Rein didnít enjoy the situation as much but he felt he should at least diffuse the tension. To add Garret seemed to have the right idea about working together.

ĒI agree vid Garret dat ve shoult stick togeder until ve get out of this area. Iím looking for my best frient but until then Iíll lent my support to dis group vhatefer vay I can alright?Ē He replied to Garret with a bright smile.

Of course there was one last thing bothering him and that was the poor girl that seemed scared to hell. It made him think of Elaine. How would she have reacted to this situation? Terrified? Brave? Thankfully he would never know as she was safe at home. Of course it pained him to think he might never see her again butÖ He knew that if she was watching him he had to do his best to protect others. He wanted her to know he wasnít going to play this stupid game. That he was going to help people and not harm them.

To start it all off he would have the help the girl. She too must have family, friends and even a lover who cared and loved her. They would want others to help her just like he would have wanted others to help Elaine if she was in danger and that was why Rein would help that girl.

He went ahead to walk towards the scared girl and hopefully help her out. Rein notice that she didnít seem to have any weapons so it might explain why she was terrified.

ĒHey girl! Nameís Rein Bumgarner. Look I knov youíre scaret but unless youíre armet vid a goot veapon you shoult stay vith me, Garret and Rosa. At least den ve can provite protection to you. Heck if you vant a veapon you can have my knife. Itís not much butÖ I vant you to trust me alright? I donít vant to kill anyone on dis island. I hope you tonít eider but Iím not here to judge you for dat. I just vant to help you.Ē He started. As he got closer he went ahead to toss his knife in front of him and hopefully close enough so that the girl could pick it up if she wanted.

ĒAnyvay hereís my knife if you vant it. I toubt Iíll be using it. To add if youíre still terrified of Garret and Rosa Iíll stant betveen you and the tvo of dem.Ē He said still smiling and hoping this would work. ĒOh right vhatís your name anyvay missÖ?Ē
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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